Anstrex Review - Master Everything About Any Product On The Market

Anstrex Review – Master Everything About Any Product On The Market

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Anstrex is one of the most legitimate Native Ads Spy tools. It reveals native advertising’s hidden techniques, allowing you to immediately begin creating successful campaigns by analyzing the ones your competitors have already launched.

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Anstrex Review - Master Everything About Any Product On The Market

Every native ad that has ever been displayed online may be tracked down and thoroughly examined with the help of Anstrex. In this Anstrex Review article, we’ll take a close look at the platform to see if it’s worthy of your money and time.

What is Anstrex

If you want to be the top online advertiser, you need Anstrex, which is one of the best Native Ads Spy tools. Since this technology typically gives you access to all the ads’ competitive intelligence data, you can quickly and simply learn everything there is to know about any product on the market.

Primarily, Anstrex reveals native advertising’s hidden techniques, allowing you to immediately begin creating successful campaigns by analyzing the ones your competitors have already launched. This incredible set of native advertising resources will allow you to quickly and easily:

  • Stop wasting time on useless reading.
  • Simply maximize the effectiveness of our advertising budget.
  • Gain access to more native ad networks than any other Native Ads monitoring tool.

Who Should Use Anstrex?

We’ve already informed you that Anstrex can be used by any kind of marketer to learn the tradecraft of the best in the business. If you’re having trouble with anything related to advertising, just reach out to Anstrex Spy Tool and they’ll be happy to assist you in a number of different ways. Let’s see then, who can gain the most from Anstrex:

  • Native advertising from major brands: Here you may quickly find out that all of the most well-known companies, like Dell, HP, and Dunkin’ Donuts, use it.
  • Creators of content: With the new contact, it’s simple to construct the ideal arbitrage and to obtain an infinite supply of relevant ideas.
  • In this context, direct sales marketers (i.e., those who sell directly to businesses or consumers) can increase their revenue by adopting the same tried-and-true practices that have proven successful in the B2B and B2C sectors.
  • Now, affiliate marketers everywhere can use native advertising to easily bring in tons of new customers and make more money. In this case, Anstrex will convince you to study their methods in order to discover how to exponentially increase your sales.

Why Should You Use Anstrex?

  • Save On Marketing

Before launching a slew of ineffective advertisements, you can find out what is successful here by eavesdropping on the industry leaders.

  • Learn Their Secrets

The robust software filter in this application will reveal not only what rivals are active, but also where they are active. The intended geographic regions can thus be pinpointed with ease.

  • Drive More Traffic

You can now simply ascertain the click-through locations of your competitors. In this case, you’ll have access to all of the traffic sources thanks to the comprehensive Alexa and similar web connections.

  • Speed Up Your Time To Market

With their sophisticated search tools, you can have indisputable research results at your fingertips in a matter of minutes. And without much effort, you may find anything you’re looking for on this site.

  • Finding Better Offers

Now it’s easy to observe which affiliate offers the masters are picking thanks to the Affiliate Wall offer. You may examine every one of their active campaigns, beginning with the advertisements and ending with the landing sites.

  • Anstrex Community

Access the Anstrex community and learn how others are succeeding in this area with minimal effort right here.

  • Get Killer Images

The best-converting images and a full-text image search option are at your fingertips with this function.

  • Keep Up On Connection

Simply set up your alerts and you’ll always be in the know about when the new commercials are released.

Pros & Cons Of Anstrex


  • There is a free trial period included.
  • A better return on investment is achieved as a result.
  • The landing pages can be downloaded and personalized with its assistance.
  • For each advertiser, it offers a high-resolution screenshot of their page.
  • All of the advertisements are arranged in accordance with their Alexa ranking, and it works in tandem with Alexa and other comparable web services.
  • In addition, it has a revolutionary new search function for games that will help you locate the most popular images in your niche.


  • Pricey

Anstrex Features


The platform aggregates information from 27 native ad networks, including the industry leaders such as:

  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • Revcontent
  • Dianomi
  • Plista
  • Twiago
  • Yahoo
  • Gemini

When compared with competing native ad spy tools, Anstrex Native offers the widest coverage in terms of both geographic reach and number of supported networks.


Your account’s dashboard is fairly user-friendly upon login.


Toggleable settings at the very top let you narrow native adverts by:

  • Ad Network
  • Country
  • Platform (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Language
  • Affiliate network
  • Tracker

Ad debut dates, campaign duration, Alexa Rank, and other secondary filters are also available for sorting the selection.

Another pair of filters that stand out in their own unique way is Ad-Strength and Gravity.

Ad-Strength calculates a native advertisement’s strength across its full lifespan. Conversely, Gravity evaluates a native ad’s effectiveness throughout the course of the most recent weeks. The index is proportional to the amount of exposure this or similar advertisements received by Anstrex.

Please keep in mind that you can only use a single filter at a time. The search bar is where you should go if you need to apply more stringent filters.


You can focus your research on a specific business or narrow subject area by using the search filter. Simply select the Basic Search tab up top, enter your query, and then select the appropriate action option from the list provided:

Basic Search
Basic Search
  • Creative Text
  • Translated Text
  • Landing Page URL
  • Publisher Domain
  • Publisher Widget ID
  • Creative URL chains

Simply click the Advanced Search button to narrow your results even further.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search

You can do the following with an advanced search:

  • Find what you’re looking for with a single or many search criteria.
  • Filter out irrelevant results.
  • Make links between groupings of parameters to expand your options.
  • To facilitate future searches, your criteria will be stored.

Ad details

In this scenario, the system will look for the keyword everywhere it can find it in the text that has been translated into English.

Ad details
Ad details

To be sure, that’s not everything. If you’re interested in learning more about a specific native ad campaign, you can do so from the dashboard by selecting that campaign and then clicking on the ad in question.

a specific native ad campaign
A specific native ad campaign

You can find details about the campaign’s landing page, ad creative, the device it appears on, and the advertising network it uses in this tab. You can find out more about the advertiser’s other creatives and landing pages, the publishers and ad networks they use, and the percentage of traffic they receive from different devices and regions by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the page.

We found the Publishers to be the most informative. Here, you may find the most promising publishers for your future advertising campaigns.

Publishers Data
Publishers Data

Download & Deploy Landing Pages

One more special function can be accessed via the Synopsis tab (the default tab). Using the landing page deployment tool’s WYSIWYG HTML editor, you may replicate and modify the landing pages of your competitors with ease.

Download & Deploy Landing Pages
Download & Deploy Landing Pages

Marketers that wish to save time and effort in creating landing pages from scratch would appreciate this function.

Please don’t plagiarize the landing pages of other businesses and instead utilize the tool as a springboard for your own creative material.


You can quickly bookmark native advertisements that you want to access at a later time by clicking on the icon that looks like a heart.



The function of exporting is available for users who want to access a selection of the most outstanding native ads but do not want to log in to their account in order to do so.

Anstrex Pricing And Evaluation

Anstrex offers a risk-free Anstrex trial period of 48 hours. You can rest assured that using Anstrex free trial will help you save both time and money, and with its risk-free two-day trial, you won’t even have to think twice about making a purchase.

Anstrex Pricing And Evaluation
Anstrex Pricing And Evaluation

You can request a refund from Anstrex if you aren’t happy with the service they provided after letting them know how you feel. To us, that’s the single most useful feature of this application.

Also, you can use coupon ASW_20 to get 20% discount from Anstrex


It is our firm belief that Anstrex is without peer among legitimate Native Ads Spy Tools. All the advertising strategies and data insights you need to outdo the competition are at your fingertips with the help of this handy tool.

This program will show you and allow you to save all of the finest landing pages. All of the best search and filter options are available in Anstrex; you may narrow down your results by category, language, affiliate network, ad strength, country, and more.

Anstrex Alternatives and Competitors

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