Ecomhunt Review - The Most Innovative Product Research Tool

Ecomhunt Review – The Most Innovative Product Research Tool

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Ecomhunt is an innovative product research tool and a curated library of successful dropshipping items. Additionally, it is a sophisticated market research and competitive analysis software.

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Ecomhunt Review - The Most Innovative Product Research Tool

In today’s digital age, e-commerce has become a major player in the business world, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and products in the market. That’s where Ecomhunt comes in – an online platform that helps entrepreneurs and e-commerce enthusiasts find winning products to sell online. In this Ecomhunt Review, we will dive into the features of Ecomhunt, its benefits, and its drawbacks to help you decide if it’s the right platform for your e-commerce needs.

What Is Ecomhunt?

In this Ecomhunt Review, you will learn that Ecomhunt is an innovative product research tool and a curated library of successful dropshipping items. Additionally, it is a sophisticated market research and competitive analysis software.

Why should you use Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a tool that can be helpful for e-commerce sellers who are looking to find new, trending products to sell in their online store. It provides a directory of products with sales data, supplier information, and product reviews, which can make it easier for sellers to evaluate the demand and potential profitability of different products.

Additionally, Ecomhunt offers customization options, such as the ability to add custom branding and packaging, which can help sellers differentiate their products and build their brands. The email notifications can also be useful for keeping sellers up to date on new product trends and updates to the products in Ecomhunt’s directory.

That being said, Ecomhunt may not be the right tool for every seller. It’s important to consider your business needs and budget when deciding whether or not to use a tool like Ecomhunt. It may be helpful to compare Ecomhunt to other product research and curation tools to see which one is the best fit for your business.

Ecomhunt Pros And Cons


  • One of the most well-liked dropshipping product analysis tools
  • Tens of Thousands of Selected Items with In-Depth Statistics
  • An intuitive and visually appealing website design.
  • Discover high-profit items in any market niche or market.
  • Contains references to winning advertising efforts and similar offerings from competitors.
  • Access to basic performance data and feature sets are available for free.
  • Getting premium access is a breeze and costs $20 a month.


  • Most of the goods come from manufacturers in China.
  • Stores in the US, UK, and EU are running out of stock.
  • There aren’t many ways to narrow down the products in the database.
  • Sales prices and profit margins that are frequently inflated

Ecomhunt Features

EcomHunt Classic

This is the first version of EcomHunt’s product research tool, and it allows you to look through more than 4,000 products that have won awards. It is equipped with certain fundamental filters such as Category, Offer Type, and Date Added.

EcomHunt Classic
EcomHunt Classic

You may also filter the results by Orders, but I’ve found that sorting the results by Newest and then perusing the results page by page is the most effective method to use this research tool for products. After you have identified a product that meets your criteria and appears to be successful, you may proceed to investigate its specifics.

You may also view the projected cost of acquisition as well as the profit margin (which is way off). They are able to provide certain fundamental metrics for AliExpress, such as the amount of orders and reviews. Engagement data in addition to a link to the original Facebook ad are both available for the Facebook advertisement. In addition to that, they offer recommendations for targeting advertisements on Facebook.

They also include a link to the video advertisement on YouTube, likely due to the fact that many Facebook ads are removed.

In addition to this, they include links to the eCommerce store that is selling the award-winning product, as well as listings on AliExpress and Alibaba. In addition to that, they offer some recommendations concerning which Influencers should be used.

This part of the article isn’t really enlightening, and I have no idea how they decide which ones to include… Use a tool like Minea instead of doing Influencer Marketing for your dropshipping business if it is important to your business. Continue with our EcomHunt review by taking a look at some of their other research tools for their various products.

EcomHunt Live

EcomHunt live is a compilation of the newest and most popular products that are currently available on the market. You will also be able to see in which countries the product is trending the most along with a comprehensive history of engagement for the past 30 days on each product.

You are able to view the Top 80 trending products if you have an active subscription to one of their higher plans, such as EcomHunt Pro. You will be able to view the most recent top-selling products and even put some of them through their paces on your very own dropshipping business.

EcomHunt Live
EcomHunt Live

They provide analytics on the AliExpress listing for each of these popular products, including information about the number of daily orders, customer scores, and top countries. In addition to that, they have a chart that shows the Buyers Interest Over Time and the Top Countries by Interest. These metrics are not particularly spectacular, particularly in light of the fact that they are compared to Sell The Trend.

EcomHunt Lucky

EcomHunt Lucky is a fantastic tool for focusing your hunt for a winning product in specific categories. You can come here to acquire ONE thing rather than using their product research feature, where you will have to scroll through hundreds of different products. To spin, make your selections, then click the Get Lucky button (Pro members get unlimited spins).

EcomHunt Lucky
EcomHunt Lucky

In addition to this, they offer some fundamental analytics on each winning product.

EcomHunt Tracker

Utilizing this tool, you will be able to monitor the progression of the total number of orders across numerous AliExpress listings. Discovering winning products that are on the cusp of becoming trendy may be accomplished quite easily with this method.

It also makes it simple to recognize things that are dying so that the user can avoid them. In addition to that, they will soon be releasing a Shopify and Facebook advertisements tracking feature.

EcomHunt Adam

The “AliExpress Product Research Virtual Assistant” that you have at your disposal is EcomHunt Adam. This artificial intelligence-powered product research engine will locate you the most popular and cutting-edge items on the market today. There is a graph depicting the progression of orders for each of these winning goods.

Because of this, it is simple to locate products that are just beginning to become winners. If you come across a product that has a lot of potential, you may add it to Tracker so that you can monitor its progress.

EcomHunt Alerts

It is imperative that prompt action be taken because dropshipping is so common in the year 2023. You have the ability to set up email notifications in the EcomHunt alerts center, and those alerts will trigger based on certain indicators.

Filtering results by products that have had a large increase in the number of daily orders is one of my personal favorites. This is unequivocal evidence that a product is beginning to establish itself as a market leader. On EcomHunt Classic, Adam, Tracker, and Live, you have the ability to configure alerts with multiple filter options. This is an excellent strategy to acquire a competitive advantage over other dropshipping companies, as it will allow you to sell more products at higher prices.

EcomHunt Chrome Extension

Over 10,000 people are currently using the EcomHunt Chrome plugin. In order to make use of it, you will need to log into your EcomHunt account (a free account is okay). The primary application for this tool is in the same vein as the ad hunter extension in that it can be used to locate Facebook advertisements.

You can use it to filter off your home feed so that it just shows viral Facebook advertisements or just Facebook ads in general.The EcomHunt chrome plugin can also be used as a Shopify store inspector in a different application. From each Shopify store, you can view information about your greatest sellers, new products, apps utilized, Shopify theme, and Facebook ads!

Additionally, you may utilize it on AliExpress to monitor the expansion and sales of your winning products. EcomHunt Tracker allows for the simple addition of any Facebook ad, online store, or AliExpress product in order to facilitate tracking. When it comes to doing research on products, the EcomHunt chrome addon is a useful tool overall.

EcomHunt Courses

EcomHunt also provides other materials, like as e-books and courses, that are useful for starting a dropshipping business. These courses are not available to free members of the site. Their courses teach students everything from the fundamentals of running a dropshipping business to the design of Facebook ads that are effective in generating conversions.

To get access to the EcomHunt Masterclass, you’ll need to pay $199, or you may subscribe to one of their plans to have access to all of their other courses.

Ecomhunt Winners Club

The EcomHunt winners club honors your dedication to your dropshipping business and the personal successes you’ve attained as a result of it. Your dropshipping business must have generated at least $5,000 in revenue while utilizing one of EcomHunt’s winning items for you to be eligible for entry into the EcomHunt winners club.

As a reward for their achievements, members of the EcomHunt winners club are eligible to earn a free Ecomhunt t-shirt and a spot on the Winners Wall.

EcomHunt Facebook Group

On Facebook, there is a sizable community of EcomHunt users. The EcomHunt Facebook group boasts over 80,000 members and a high level of activity, according to its statistics.

If you have an account on EcomHunt, you are welcome to become a member of this group (a free account is okay too). It is usually beneficial to connect with people who share similar interests, which is why it is encouraging to see such a large number of dropshippers.

Ecomhunt Pricing

Ecomhunt is a free service that only offers a select few capabilities to its users. Free users have access to the whole database of award-winning items and can view a limited amount of performance analytics, such as sales data and linkages to other businesses in the industry.

Ecomhunt Pricing
Ecomhunt Pricing

When you sign up for the free membership, you will get access to the daily new products three days after they have been released. The premium membership may be purchased for only $20 per month and grants unrestricted access to the site, as well as priority access to the newest goods that are garnering awards and becoming the industry standard.

There are discounts available of up to forty percent when paying for an entire year at once, and there is presently an offer on premium plans for the discounted price of only twenty dollars per month, down from the regular price of twenty-nine dollars per month. Only transactions made through PayPal will be processed.


Ecomhunt is a trustworthy and effective dropshipping research tool that is ideal for individuals who are interested in beginning the practice of dropshipping products sourced from China-based suppliers through the use of an online store.

Ecomhunt provides its users with everything they need to quickly populate their online store with trending and on-demand products that have high-profit margins. This includes a handpicked database of more than 2000 best-selling products, detailed performance analytics, links to competitors, links to top AliExpress suppliers, and successful social media ad campaigns.

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