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Hoppy Copy Review – The Best AI-Powered Email Marketing Software

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Hoppy Copy is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered email marketing software that provides assistance in the creation of engaging and persuasive emails for your company. The text you have written is analyzed by natural language processing algorithms, and suggestions for how to enhance it are provided.

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Hoppy Copy Review

Hoppy Copy, an AI-powered email marketing software, helps you generate engaging business emails. Natural language processing methods boost your writing. This can save time and improve your material. Improves conversion rates and business growth. Let’s find out in this Hoppy Copy Review!

What is Hoppy Copy?

Hoppy Copy is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered email marketing software that provides assistance in the creation of engaging and persuasive emails for your company. The text you have written is analyzed by natural language processing algorithms, and suggestions for how to enhance it are provided.

This can help you save time while also allowing you to produce higher-quality material for your readers. Additionally, it might help you increase the number of customers that buy from you and build your business.

It also has a number of other capabilities, which together make it a vital instrument for anyone who is interested in improving their email marketing strategy. These include the ability to A/B test alternative versions of emails, track data such as click-through rate and open rate, and automatically segment your list so that you can send targeted emails to specific groups of individuals.

How Does Hoppy Copy Work?

Hoppy Copy is a software that may be used as a tool to assist people in the process of writing emails that are both more successful and more appealing to the people who receive them. The tool accomplishes this by analyzing historical email data and utilizing artificial intelligence to look for patterns that can be used to make improvements to the content of future emails.

For instance, if Hoppy Copy discovers that a particular category of email has a higher propensity to have higher open rates, it will automatically alter the subject line and opening paragraph of any subsequent emails to conform to the characteristics of the discovered email category. This indicates that you are sending more effective emails to your recipients, which is going to lead to a higher rate of responses from those recipients.

Because it uses data from customers and artificial intelligence, this program does not provide a solution that is universally applicable to all situations. This indicates that you are going to be able to target the individuals on your email list who are most likely to respond positively and make them more interested in conducting business with you by utilizing this information.

Who should use Hoppy Copy?

  • Anyone who feels like their marketing text could use some improvement. Or, more seasoned copywriters who are in need of a little more inspiration and are looking to speed up their process.
  • With the help of AI, even inexperienced writers may swiftly develop copy ideas for emails, websites, blogs, and other types of online content, while more skilled writers can save countless hours by instantly coming up with brilliant new ideas.
  • A must have for email marketers Hoppy Copy gives the impression to smaller organizations that they have the support of a larger firm. This tool has helped improve the copy of thousands of intelligent marketers all over the world.

Hoppy Copy Features

AI Email Copywriter

Utilize more than 50 different AI copy templates that are built on top of scientifically validated equations to generate copy for virtually any kind of marketing email you can imagine.

AI Email Copywriter
AI Email Copywriter

Write appealing email campaigns, drip sequences, and more 10x faster. Immediately develop your skills as a master of email marketing. You have access to high-converting AI copy templates that can be used for any form of email automation sequence, campaign, newsletter, and more.

AI Email Copy Editor

Feel comfortable writing anything you like. Copy modifications that pack a punch include funny headlines, eye-catching subject lines, bold calls to action, unique emojis, and other such elements.

AI Email Copy Editor
AI Email Copy Editor

Feel comfortable writing anything you want with the assistance of a sophisticated AI copy editor. Enhance the readability of your advertising copy immediately. You can immediately make your work look professional thanks to the advanced editor tools that are at your disposal. Utilizing our integration with Grammarly, you may rewrite a part, alter the tone, incorporate convincing CTAs, and guarantee that your words sound great.

It’s much like having a copywriting assistant standing right next to you, ready to offer suggestions at just the moment you require them.

  • Change Tone

Choose a tone that is consistent with your brand, such as persuading, friendly, luxury, professional, relaxed, humorous, or any combination of these.

  • Get Fresh Copy Ideas

Discover untold potential with capabilities that let you alter, extend, or condense text. Add emojis. Either restate the information or transform it into bullet points.

  • Copy Formatting

Using an editor modeled after Notion, you can easily drag and drop material while also formatting it. There is a dark mode accessible for late night inspiration.

  • Check for Grammar & Spam

Underline text in an email to locate potential spam keywords, then replace those terms with more convincing writing.

Competitor Email Monitoring

Maintain an advantage over your rivals by automatically tracking, in a central location, the email marketing technique they employ.

Competitor Email Monitoring
Competitor Email Monitoring

Using artificial intelligence, spy on the emails sent by your competitors, and then improve your own. Get unrestricted access to hundreds of emails sent out by some of the most well-known brands in the world. Alternately, you can choose to track a new brand, and we will immediately begin to collect an unlimited amount of emails from customers of that brand.

Find out about their hidden discounts and special offers, as well as information about the timing and frequency of their email communications. Then you should either follow in the footsteps of such titans or use our artificial intelligence to develop emails that are even better than those they send.

  • Find all your messages in one location.

Put an end to the headache of sorting through a packed inbox in search of email ideas and save yourself the trouble. Tracking, accessing, filtering, and viewing the email history of your competitors is made simple and centralized in one area. In addition, it is simple for you to communicate this information to the rest of your team.

  • Flag favorites and collaborate with AI.

Collaborate with your other team members in shared workspaces to find emails that you find appealing to utilize as a source of inspiration. After that, use AI to generate and update copy for your own brand’s emails together.

  • Get notified when a competitor emails.

With daily, weekly, or monthly notifications sent out whenever a rival of yours sends new emails to their subscriber list, you may be the first person in the world to learn about new items, deals, and promotions before anyone else does.

  • Get new campaign design and copy ideas.

Viewing a large number of emails is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. You may instantly read emails that have been tagged and are motivating, and you can use these emails as a starting point to create fantastic design and copy. Export them to shareable PDFs, copy the HTML source code, and for an experience that is truly unparalleled, use the artificial intelligence included into Hoppy Copy to generate emails that are comparable to what you have in mind.

Spam Words Checker

A simple method for raising the percentage of messages that are opened. You can use Spam Check to automatically discover spam keywords that are causing your emails to be delivered to junk mail folders, and then replace those keywords with language that is more persuasive.

Spam Words Checker
Spam Words Checker

*Only 20% of marketing emails really make it to the recipient’s inbox. You are in luck because there are a few steps you can take to lessen the likelihood that a spam filter would mistake your email for junk mail and delete it.

One of the simplest and most essential is to steer clear of utilizing keywords associated with spam in the subject line or body of your email. Allow us to review your copy and provide feedback on exactly what should be changed so that you can boost your open rates and increase the number of people who look at each email.


In a nutshell, Hoppy is an AI-powered content solution designed to assist sales people in writing more effective email copy. I gave it a try, and here are the results and my thoughts: For sales professionals who are looking to better their skills in email copywriting, this is an excellent tool to use. It is simple to use, and the effects can be seen right away. Additionally, Hoppy provides a free trial so that customers can test out the product before making a purchase.

Anyone working in sales who is interested in improving their skills in email copywriting should definitely consider using Hoppy. It’s a terrific tool, and it does the job.

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