Keepa Review - The Best Amazon Research and price tracking platform

Keepa Review – The Best Amazon Keywords And Price Tracking Platform

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Keepa is a service that allows users to research and follow the prices of products listed on Amazon. This tool could be helpful to merchants who are considering listing specific products because it allows users to research and track pricing.

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Keepa Review - The Best Amazon Research and price tracking platform

More tools are available to assist Amazon sellers manage their businesses as the platform grows. This includes Keepa. It aids in product research. What is it and how does it work?

Keepa’s major features and pricing will be examined in this Keepa review.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is a service that allows users to research and follow the prices of products listed on Amazon. This tool could be helpful to merchants who are considering listing specific products because it allows users to research and track pricing.

The application allows for easy access to important details regarding a product, such as its price, category, position, and average rating among customers. You can also view the price history of an item and see how it has fluctuated over time. Using any of its features, you are able to complete your homework. In the following section, we will examine these.

How does Keepa work?

Create an account for yourself by registering on the company’s website. Create an account with them despite the fact that their website may initially seem confusing to you. After registration, you will need to authenticate your email address and “turn on” the subscription toggle by selecting subscriptions from the account drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Subscriptions require payment details. They offer a free version, but until you pay for it, many of the critical features we discussed in this post will either not be available at all or will be severely limited. However, they do offer a paid version.

Who should use Keepa?

All retailers can make use of this tool. From people selling their wares for the first time to seasoned professionals who make hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, everyone is included. To get the most return on your financial investment in price and sales rank, you need the most comprehensive statistics.

It works wonderfully for Amazon businesses of any kind, regardless of their sourcing strategy. This technology can be used for private labeling, wholesale, retail arbitrage, and online arbitrage. It should be available to all sellers so that they may make more informed decisions on sourcing, selling, and everything else that comes in between.

Keepa Pros & Cons


  • Tracks billions of objects worldwide.
  • Advanced graphs and tools.
  • Makes everything accessible.


  • Slowness is a common complaint.
  • Deals sometimes fail.
  • Accounts were hacked.

Features of Keepa

This platform has three main sections: Deals, Data, and Track. A browser plugin from the software company helps you investigate products on Amazon. Let’s examine the primary elements of each section.


Deals is a database for conducting product research on Amazon items that are currently on sale. The matched results are returned by the tool along with the average, current, and discount prices. Simply click on any product to view historical data on how its pricing has changed over time.


Product exploration is made easier by a number of user interface aspects. Use criteria such as price, percentage decline, required rating, category, and more to narrow your results. There is a choice between new, used, and Buy Box deal criteria as well. Due to the fact that it only lists items that are currently on sale, this function is not appropriate for academic purposes.


Amazon product research dashboard Keepa Data has many functionalities. Key features:

  • Product Finder: This database finds Amazon products that match your search criteria. Search filters are available. Unfortunately, you must scroll to see them all.
  • Product Viewer: Upload a list of Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN) to view sales rank, price decreases, and other product data. After uploading a product, click on it to see the Keepa Chart, which shows pricing changes.
  • Bestsellers: This function helps you easily check Amazon category bestsellers. The Product Viewer data appears for each product in the list.
  • Amazon’s top sellers are listed here. Seller ratings, total reviews, verified listings, and major product category are displayed.
  • Category Tree: This feature lists all Amazon product categories and their product counts. Clicking a category opens a dropdown menu with its subcategories.

These features aid Amazon product research. They are compartmentalized into distinct tools, making them inconvenient to utilize. Uploading product lists instead of using the tool’s search function requires a lot of manual effort.


Price Tracker monitors the pricing of products sold on Amazon. Using the feature, you can establish price alerts for items that interest you. You will receive an email from the software each time the price of an item changes. To generate an alert, either look up a product in the Deals database or upload one using the Product Viewer. You are able to immediately set an Amazon alert by using this tool’s plugin for either Firefox or Chrome.


Keepa Browser Extension

Chrome, Firefox, and more browsers have the Browser Extension. It aids Amazon shopping research. Its Chrome addon adds a price history graph to Amazon product pages.

Keepa Price and Evaluation

This is most likely the least expensive software option available for larger sellers to employ for their Amazon business.

Keepa is a freemium service, which means that you can download and use it without paying anything, but you will only have access to a subset of its features. If you want unrestricted access to the entire suite of tools, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $20 in order to do so. If you want to pay for a yearly subscription, you will be eligible for a discount.

Keepa Price and Evaluation
Keepa Price and Evaluation

Keepa will more than cover its own costs. Even if you only use Amazon once a week, there is a good chance that you will end up saving more than twenty dollars a month with their Prime membership.

The pricing for this tool starts at $99.0 per month. It has 2 different plans:

Basic at $99.00 per month.
Standard at $199.00 per month.


When it comes to discovering new business opportunities, researching new markets, and locating new products, Keepa is the most effective solution available.

It provides access to a wide range of data sets that have been harvested directly from Amazon. The fact that you will be provided with information on practically every aspect of a product’s cost is a positive; yet, the fact that there is an abundance of information means that it may take you some time to figure out how to use it to your advantage.

Keepa Alternatives and Competitors

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    Sellzone is a comprehensive toolkit for Amazon sellers. It comes from Semrush, a trusted name in the search engine optimization industry. Semrush offers search engine analysis, keyword research and analytics, domain analysis, and more.

  • Zonguru

    Zonguru is an all-in-one FBA tool suite made with one goal in mind: to scale your business using field-tested, data-centric methods developed for sellers, by sellers.

  • AMZ Tracker

    AMZ Tracker is a leader in Amazon Seller Software, helping Sellers Skyrocket their Amazon sales with access to the following tools: – Keyword Tracking – Spying on Competitor Sales – On Page Analyzer to Optimize their Amazon Page – Review Club access to promote their products at a discount to over 300,000 members

  • Helium 10

    Helium 10 is a set of eCommerce tools for managing and selling products on, including finding keywords, identifying trends, optimizing listings, streamlining advertising campaigns, and more,…

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