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KeywordTool Review – The Highest Efficient SEO Tool

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Researching keywords has never been easier than using Keyword Tool, an easy and highly efficient SEO tool (opens in new tab). With a straightforward user interface, it analyzes keyword data from a wide variety of high-traffic websites, including Google, YouTube, Amazon, and others.

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KeywordTool Review

When it comes to SEO, is an invaluable resource (SEO). You may easily and rapidly build a list of long-tail keywords associated with your chosen topic, allowing you to fine-tune your website or content for the best possible search engine results. Better search engine rankings are only one side benefit of this strategy; it also helps bring in more of the right kind of visitors. It is an indispensable SEO tool for any blogger, business owner, or digital marketer. Let’s find out in this KeywordTool Review!

What is KeywordTool?

Researching keywords has never been easier than using Keyword Tool, an easy and highly efficient SEO tool (opens in new tab). With a straightforward user interface, it analyzes keyword data from a wide variety of high-traffic websites, including Google, YouTube, Amazon, and others.

Additionally, it is simple to dig deeper into important marketing data such as the cost-per-click, search traffic, and competition levels.

How Does KeywordTool Work?

You may not be aware of this, but Google tends to keep a lot of data on keyword research and search volume hidden from its analytics tool. Well, the business does that so it can charge more for its marketing efforts., however, asserts that it can prevent this problem from occurring and deliver precise keyword research data without any further effort on the user’s part. Despite appearances, the tool relies on straightforward processes to achieve its goals.

In order to give you with keyword research, search volume, term ideas, and more, this free keyword tool makes use of Google Autocomplete. By default, the search tool will use your entered keyword to determine which related long-tail keywords are recommended by Google. It additionally makes use of Google Suggest to thoroughly explore the SERP. integrates a number of technologies to provide an all-encompassing view of search volume, competition, and other metrics related to keywords. You should know that the it was developed for content writers and SEO experts, not for marketers. For this reason, the data you collect on this platform will be better suited to SEO strategies and related considerations.

To sum up, it performs well and provides cutting-edge precision in comparison to other keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner. It’s also why we recommend trying it out at least once.

KeywordTool Pros and Cons


  • Interface for users that is incredibly easy to use
  • Have the ability to narrow in on particular search platforms
  • The results for keywords are determined by autocomplete.
  • Including comprehensive data on the number of searches conducted
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases


  • Unusually pricey considering the value of what you receive
  • The features for competition analysis are quite lacking.
  • The statistics on cost-per-click are not included with the Pro Basic plan.
  • There is no free trial.
  • There is no option for live chat or direct phone help.

Features of KeywordTool

Keyword Research

The fact that it is so good at doing basic keyword research is one of the many reasons why using this tool is such a good idea.

Simply enter any keyword into a straightforward search box, and the system will provide you with a list of related keywords generated by Google’s autocomplete feature. That is a novel method for finding keywords compared to what many all-in-one SEO solutions do, but the upside is that it is more indicative of what visitors are actually searching for on your website.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Importantly, the Keyword Tool does not only restrict itself to delivering results for Google keyword searches that are based on the user’s country.

You can also perform the same keyword analysis using autocomplete on YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and eBay, and narrow the results to any of the 47,000 distinct search markets that are available. This makes it possible to do an analysis of which terms are popular within a certain targeted audience, as opposed to users of the internet in general.

This information, which is presented by the software for each keyword in your results, is uncomplicated yet helpful. Users of Plus and Business can view more information, including the cost-per-click, expressed in dollars, for advertising centered around a certain keyword, as well as a single number that summarizes the level of competition for that keyword in Google Ads.

The table displaying the results also shows the percentage increase or decrease in search traffic over the last year, which provides insight into the trends that can help simplify the process of locating the most relevant terms.

Competition Analysis

The competition analysis feature of the Keyword Tool operates differently than the competition analysis features of other SEO tools. If you enter the domain of one of your rivals, their platform will provide you with a list of keywords that are drawn from the content of their website rather than just the search results.

Competition Analysis
Competition Analysis

The Keyword Tool is not particularly impressive in this respect. You are not given the opportunity to view the search advertisements that your competitors are running, which is probably considerably more beneficial than simply viewing the phrases that show frequently in the headers of blog articles on your website. Lastly, you won’t be able to undertake a direct comparison of the terms on two different websites using this tool because it doesn’t have that capability.

Because of this, the majority of digital marketers won’t find the section of Keyword Tool devoted to competition analysis to be particularly helpful.

Search Volume Analysis

A search volume analysis function is available to users of the Keyword Tool as a means of performing an in-depth investigation of the volume data that is displayed in the keyword results tables. Users can examine a bar chart to get a month-by-month breakdown of the exact amount of searches that were performed using a certain term.

Search Volume Analysis
Search Volume Analysis

Even if it’s not really necessary to look at these charts in the majority of circumstances, it’s obviously useful to be able to dig further into this search traffic data before maybe investing in advertisements centered on a term.

KeywordTool Pricing

There is both a free and a premium edition available. The free edition is limited to keyword research and does not provide access to information about keyword volume or competition. The free edition is lacking in features, while the premium one excels. Furthermore, there is NO FREE TRIAL for this tool, but a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not satisfied with the services provided.

KeywordTool Pricing
KeywordTool Pricing

In the premium edition, you can search for and analyze the volume and competition of any number of keywords you choose. Adding negative keywords helps narrow down the search. What you don’t want to use are the keywords that have the opposite meaning. If you run a search for a certain word, only results containing that word will be displayed.

Both the free and paid versions of it provide three different pricing tiers. Plans are broken down into two sections: monthly and annual. If you commit to an annual plan, you’ll save money over the course of the year compared to paying monthly.


When it comes to performing necessary keyword research, Keyword Tool is undeniably an effective and user-friendly tool that can do the job. The user interface is actually absurdly easy to use, and in addition to the search behemoth Google, there is keyword data accessible for Bing, Amazon, and eBay as well.

However, for the price of entry to this program, you could just as easily make an investment in an all-in-one SEO tool that has a feature set that is significantly more robust overall.

KeywordTool Alternatives and Competitors

  • SEMrush

    A digital marketing tool that includes a keyword research feature that provides data on search volume, keyword difficulty, and related keywords.

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    The results which were provided by KeywordTool were very quick and they were accurate than other applications used. it’s perfect for SEO specialists who need keywords, related words, and search volumes. It’s Highly Recommended to all of you.


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