Marmalead Review - The Best Companion for Professional Etsy Sellers

Marmalead Review – The Best Companion for Professional Etsy Sellers

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Marmalead is a tool for professional Etsy sellers that helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and market research. By conducting improved market research and SEO analysis, this program empowers Etsy sellers to maintain their competitive edge in the dynamic and ever-shifting ecommerce industry.

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Marmalead Review - The Best Companion for Professional Etsy Sellers

SEO on Etsy may be fairly complicated: keyword research, tags, and descriptions can be intimidating. And this is why systems like Marmalead that allow you to manage everything in one location are so important. The most well-known SEO tools for Etsy are Marmalead and Erank. This Marmalead Review will discuss the benefits of utilizing Marmalead and how to do it effectively.

What is Marmalead?

Marmalead is a tool for professional Etsy sellers that helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and market research. By conducting improved market research and SEO analysis, Marmalead Etsy SEO empowers Etsy sellers to maintain their competitive edge in the dynamic and ever-shifting e-commerce industry.

It is a program that gives you the ability to conduct a fairly comprehensive analysis of your listings and goods, as well as conduct research to enhance the performance of your existing listings. You can get assistance from Marmalead with conducting in-depth keyword research if you are unsure of what to sell on your listing. It’s a fantastic approach to get an instant picture of the areas of your shop that need more attention in order to boost sales.

How Does Marmalead Work?

  1. To begin, select a Marmalead plan from the available options on their website. You have the option of paying either monthly or annually. The good thing is that regardless of which plan you go with, you will have the opportunity to pay just once for multiple different stores. See down below for price information.
  2. Connect your shops to Marmalead by logging into the platform and using the integration.
  3. You will soon be able to view the “Marmalead scores” for each of your listings on their respective websites. According to the traffic light system, green indicates that you are doing very well, orange indicates that you are performing adequately, and red indicates that you are doing very poorly. In addition to this, an ABC ranking system is utilized, with A representing the highest quality and C representing the lowest.
  4. You will be able to view the score next to each item as you navigate through your various listings. Simply clicking on the component will show you what aspects could use some work. The objective is to convert as many of them green as possible, which will ultimately contribute to an increase in sales.
  5. Before moving on to a new part of Marmalead, I want to point out that you can review your description directly from the dashboard. It’s possible that descriptions won’t help with SEO in and of itself, but they will aid with conversions. The best tags can be highlighted with the assistance of Marmalead, and you can even determine where in the title they should be placed. You are even able to view the total number of views that each tag receives.

Marmalead Pros and Cons


  • Simple data and a vast library
  • Upgrades improve multi-shop management
  • Prices include courses
  • Positive feedback is flowing in


  • It costs $19 per month, more than competitors.
  • No scaling tool exists.
  • It takes time to master all the features.

Marmalead Features

Keyword Research

You can view information pertaining to keywords using the keyword search function. You are able to view information such as the number of searches, the level of interaction, the amount of competition, and the most popular tags. To begin, let’s look at the bright side of things.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

The information provided on the price ranges is helpful in providing insights. It displays three various price ranges for the listings that rank for this keyword, which include a bargain, a midrange price, and a premium price.

The alternative related shopper searches and long tail keyword phrases can also be helpful. They are able to assist you in coming up with ideas for relevant keywords that you are not already employing. Utilizing them is one way to boost the exposure of your Etsy shop.

Keyword Comparison

On this page, you have the option of including up to four keywords for comparison. Marmalead provides you with information such as search traffic, the level of competition, pricing ranges, and the tags that are used the most.

Keyword Comparison
Keyword Comparison

Listing Grades & Optimization

The following factors are taken into consideration when Marmalead assigns grades to your listings:

  • SEO Factors such as the amount of tags, the presence or absence of long-tail focus keywords, and the presence or absence of long-tail tags, etc.
  • Factors that influence sales, such as the quantity of photographs and words utilized, as well as readability and emotional impact, among other considerations.
  • Readability of the title, including aspects such as its length and how simple it is to comprehend, etc.
  • Focus Keywords vs Non-Focus Keywords – Keyword Power, Whether or Not They Have a Long Tail, Engagement Levels, and the Level of Competition
  • Tags, regardless of whether they have a long tail or are strong, etc.

On the right-hand side of the page, there are some suggestions for how to improve, which might assist merchants improve their listings.

Listing Grades & Optimization
Listing Grades & Optimization

Storm – Keyword Brainstorm

This page will assist you in coming up with potential keyword ideas. After you have inputted your seed keyword, Marmalead will provide a list of related keywords along with demand and competition indicators for each term. After that, you have the option of either adding keywords to your list or removing keywords that are not relevant. As soon as you include some terms on your list, more will be produced automatically.

In general, it’s a useful tool that can assist with doing research on keywords.

Storm - Keyword Brainstorm
Storm – Keyword Brainstorm

Marmalead Pricing and Evaluation

When it comes to the management of search engine optimization (SEO) for your Etsy store, Marmalead is an expensive program. However, they do provide a free trial known as the “Dabblers plan,” which, despite the fact that it has a restricted number of options, might assist you in becoming familiar with the dashboard and what to anticipate.

Marmalead Cost
Marmalead Cost

After the Marmalead free trial period is up, you will be automatically enrolled in the “Entrepreneur” plan, which has a monthly cost of $19 or can be paid for in annual installments of $15.83.


In general, Marmalead is an excellent tool for experienced sellers with Etsy shops who are interested in optimizing their listings and stores through search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, and tracking. If you are just getting started, we strongly suggest that you give Erank a try first so that you can get a feel for what is involved in SEO work.

Marmalead Alternatives and Competitors

  • eRank

    eRank is one of the most popular SEO and keyword research tool for Etsy because of its affordable plans and big list of features. eRank tracks your keywords and gives you detailed reports on where you rank for each one. It also offers suggestions on how to improve your ranking.

  • EtsyHunt

    EtsyHunt is a free analysis toolkit that helps improve your Etsy shop ranking and visibility. This tool gives you a considerable edge over your competitor merchants, as you can access the following key insights: Product Research, Keyword Research, Shop Ranking, and Etsy Reviews.

  • SEMrush

    Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. Its tools and reports are able to help marketers that work in the following services: SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.

  • SE Ranking

    SE Ranking is an SEO tool that aims to help marketers optimize a website or blog, aiming at a good positioning on the search engine results pages. It offers dozens of features without neglecting simplicity, which is a trait of its dashboard.

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    Marmalead and eRank are somewhat different in the information they provide when it comes to SEO. Marmalead is better at identifying long-tail keywords versus short-tail, but honestly, sometimes I have trouble figuring out why they will say one keyword is long while another is short.


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