Moz Pro Review - The Greatest Option As An All-in-one SEO Solution

Moz Pro Review – The Greatest Option As An All-in-one SEO Solution

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Moz Pro is a well-known SEO toolkit that includes many programs that boost a website’s rank in search results. It reveals how content is being shared through social channels and how that drives traffic to a website, and it features a broad toolset for search engine optimization, including rank tracking, link opportunities, site audit, prospective keyword analysis, and content grading.

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Moz Pro Review - The Greatest Option As An All-in-one SEO Solution

Moz has done a lot to help the SEO business. With its educational content, it made SEO a big part of marketing. It has also made metrics for the industry that are still used in boardrooms today. Moz made a number of SEO tools to help marketers get more traffic as the marketing technology industry grew. Let’s find out in this Moz Pro Review below!

What is Moz Pro?

Moz Pro is a well-known SEO toolkit that includes many programs that boost a website’s rank in search results. It reveals how content is being shared through social channels and how that drives traffic to a website, and it features a broad toolset for search engine optimization, including rank tracking, link opportunities, site audit, prospective keyword analysis, and content grading.

Additionally, it includes a crawl test to find broken or poorly designed site elements.

Who Should Use Moz Pro?

Moz Pro gives small businesses who wish to manage their organic search using a single interface access to a full set of search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Freelancers will find a lot to appreciate here as well, as several of the Moz Pro products offer a brief free trial period.

Larger companies may still find it beneficial to make the financial investment in a Moz Pro subscription in order to make advantage of the platform’s most valuable capabilities, such as Keyword Explorer and Link Explorer. Moz Pro could, on the other hand, lack the depth of detail required to effectively administer expansive domains because it is sold as an all-in-one product.

Moz Pro is comprehensive in that it addresses the main aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), but it provides less in-depth coverage of technical SEO in comparison to its coverage of link analysis and keyword research.

Why Should You Use Moz Pro?

Moz Pro has some very powerful capabilities, some of which are free to use for a limited time, and it is very simple to use even for inexperienced users. Both the Keyword Explorer and the Link Explorer are quite helpful and are always being developed further. While the MozBar Chrome extension is excellent, the educational content that is included in Moz Pro is intelligent and continues to dominate the market.

Moz Pro Pros and Cons


  • It finds keywords and estimates your ranking chances.
  • It identifies low-ranking content.
  • It fixes website difficulties.
  • It checks your site for technical faults.
  • It tracks your most essential keywords.


  • User-friendly navigation is needed.
  • They could display their info better.
  • Charts and graphs could be prettier.
  • SE Ranker could verify their mobile rank.

Moz Pro Features

Moz Pro is packed with a wide variety of useful features. In the following, we have compiled a list of the Moz tools that stand out from the rest of the pack.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Pro does an excellent job of taking the complicated nature of the SEO landscape and presenting it in a manner that is easy to understand for a wide audience.

This is something that the Moz Keyword Explorer excels at, making the sometimes confusing world of keyword research more simpler. It collects an enormous quantity of data from SEO and produces KPIs that will have significance for marketers. It demonstrates, for instance, how common a search query is, how challenging it would be to rank for the query, and a number of other relevant inquiries that you ought to take into consideration.

Keyword Explorer
Keyword Explorer

In addition, there is a Priority score displayed next to each keyword that you input. This assists in providing a quantitative measure of the significance of the keyword for your company. If a term has a high search volume, a high CTR (click-through rate), and minimal competition, then the Priority score for that keyword should be close to 100 out of 100.

You have the ability to adjust this by providing additional information about your company to the section of Moz’s website known as My Score. This determines whether or not the keyword is relevant to the products and services that you offer.

It is a difficult task, and there is no objective metric that can pin down such a subjective idea, but it indicates very clearly Moz Pro’s attention to understanding what their customers want to see in an SEO tool.

The Keyword Suggestions option is also excellent in its own right. It will take a source keyword and recommend additional topics for you to target, which you can then add to your keyword list and monitor over time as they develop. This tool is now supported by a more comprehensive data collection as a result of their acquisition of STAT Search Analytics in 2018.

The Moz Pro suite will gain the majority of its users due to the popularity of the Keyword Explorer tool. It is now one of the most effective keyword research tools available on the market.

Moz Link Explorer

Because Moz’s Link Explorer maintains an index of more than 40 trillion links, using this tool to analyze your website’s backlink profile will provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

This function is excellent for tracking new links and brand mentions, which will help you understand the performance of your website in terms of rankings. These findings are also immediately applicable to the process of content design and link prospecting. Moz Pro, in contrast to SEMrush and SpyFu, does not come equipped with its own set of tools for handling link outreach.

Even though it is simple to use, the Moz Link Building Suite has a steeper learning curve for beginners than Keyword Explorer does. New users might not be familiar with Moz’s own measures, such as Domain Authority and Page Authority, which the company has developed.

These metrics, which are based on the reputation and authority of a domain and its individual pages, show the “strength” of an SEO campaign for the domain as a whole. A link coming from a website with a higher authority will transfer more search engine optimization value to your website than a link coming from a website with a lower authority.

When trying to identify backlink targets, they are nevertheless valuable despite the fact that they do not provide a direct depiction of how Google regards each domain.

Link Explorer
Link Explorer

Link Explorer is an excellent tool for mining the domains of your competitors for fresh links. If you find that a website with a high authority links to the majority of your rivals, you can assume that the site will also link to the content you produce. This application provides you with helpful visuals that will assist you in recognizing these opportunities.

Moz Site Crawl

The core of any effective organic search marketing plan is a solid understanding of technical SEO. In the event that Google is unable to crawl and index your content, the search engine will be unable to return your pages in answer to user requests.

Moz Pro comes equipped with its very own web crawler, which may perform well both for spot checks and for routine crawls. Although it does not offer the forensic information that can be found in more specialized technical SEO tools, it is not because it is not intended to do so.

The Moz Pro Site Crawl will bring to light a significant number of critical technical faults, such as incorrect response codes, missing title tags, and broken redirects. Correcting these problems can lead to significant gains in search engine optimization (SEO) performance, and as a result, this tool will be beneficial to clients of Moz Pro.

Users who have never made any changes to their website’s technical SEO settings before will benefit greatly from the links to instructions and suggestions that accompany many of the recommended improvements.

Site Crawl
Site Crawl

However, companies that have large and complicated domains will want to couple Moz Pro with a dedicated technical SEO crawler. For the majority of businesses, however, Moz Pro will be sufficient to cover all of their needs. It also includes automated warnings that will draw your attention to any significant changes in the condition of your domain.

Moz Pro Pricing And Evaluation

Moz Pro provides users with four primary pricing tiers, in addition to the possibility to negotiate the terms of an Enterprise membership.

The Standard plan, which allows for one user and costs $99 per month, is the most affordable choice. When conducting a technical SEO assessment, this will enable you to crawl 100,000 pages every week, which should be plenty for most smaller organizations.

When it comes to conducting research on keywords and competitors, the Standard plan places even more restrictions on users. You are only able to track the rankings of 300 keywords, and you are only allowed 150 keyword inquiries every month.

The Medium plan, which costs $149 a month for a single user, significantly raises the limits placed on keyword searches as well as lists. When compared to the Standard level, which only allows you to track 150 keywords each month, this membership allows you to monitor 5,000 terms each month.

It appears as though the Standard plan exists solely for the purpose of encouraging slightly larger enterprises to upgrade to the Medium membership tier. A price tag of $99 per month compares directly to comparable solutions offered by SEMrush and Ahrefs; however, the restrictions that come with the Moz Pro entry-level subscription make it less viable for most organizations.

Moz Pro Pricing And Evaluation
Moz Pro Pricing And Evaluation

The price of the Large subscription is $249 per month, and it allows three users access. It is important to know that you can add an additional user to any subscription level for an additional cost of $49 per month.

When you upgrade to the Large plan, the number of keyword lists increases to 60 from the Medium plan’s 30, and each list can contain 750 keywords. Because of this, it is a suitable choice for companies that offer a wide variety of product lines, particularly those who operate in foreign markets.

The Premium plan provides access to data that is commensurate with the high cost of the plan and comes with a monthly fee of $599 for five users. This plan grants access to a technical SEO crawler that is substantially more efficient, and the data limitations for keywords, crawling, and backlinks have all been significantly enhanced.

Each subscription comes with a complimentary onboarding session lasting thirty minutes, which is a feature that is very much appreciated. In general, this offer is not included in the more affordable membership fees.

Moz Local, which assists businesses in monitoring and improving their performance through local search engines, requires a separate subscription from what you are now using.

Moz Pro Alternatives and Competitors

  • Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset for growing search traffic and optimizing websites. To do that, Ahrefs crawls the web, stores tons of data and makes it accessible via a simple user interface.

  • Similarweb

    SimilarWeb is a tool that allows you to keep an eye on your competitor’s website traffic volumes, referral sources that include keyword analysis, demographics, page views, bounce rate, and a lot more.

  • SE Ranking

    SE Ranking is an SEO tool that aims to help marketers optimize a website or blog, aiming at a good positioning on the search engine results pages. It offers dozens of features without neglecting simplicity, which is a trait of its dashboard.

  • SEMrush

    SEMrush is software that facilitates the execution of digital marketing initiatives such as SEO campaigns. This all-inclusive digital marketing program allows you to manage SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing initiatives.

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