4 Best Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers

4 Best Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers

In this article, we will list the 4 Best Niche Research Tools that helps you better understand your niche. This could be gaining more insight into your customers, such as what keywords they’re searching for.

4 Best Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Doing research is an important part of having a plan for getting into a niche. In this article, I’ll give you a simple overview of 4 of the best niche research tools, as well as some tips on how to use them.

Recommended Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Let’s look at what tools you can use to find out which of your keywords will work best. A niche research tool can help you figure out how profitable a niche research topic is and which ones to use. With these tools, you can compare the niche keywords on your list from above, paying attention to different statistics depending on what you want.

Niche Scraper
  • Discover trending products on AliExpress.
  • Unlimited access to the Facebook video maker tool.
  • Scrape a store’s best selling products.
  • Reveal estimated revenue of other stores.
  • Unlimited access to hand picked products with:
  • Facebook Ad Reports
  • Targeting Suggestions
  • AliExpress Reports
  • Suppliers
  • Monthly subscription.
  • Easy cancellation at any time.


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  • Access to AliExpress
  • Access to Shopify Database
  • Access to eCom AD Database
  • Access to Shopify Stores
  • Access to Niches
  • Track up to 500 products
  • Export up to 600 products


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  • Full Research Functions (DE, UK, COM)
  • TOP BSR | Avg Sales | Winner / Looser of the Day | New / Designs
  • Full filter functions
  • Detail view for 5M+ designs
  • Brand, Title, Bullets, Price, BSR, Reviews, Date listed, Categories & BSR + Price History 7/30/All Days / Top Keywords
  • Event calendar with 900+ events
  • For all marketplaces into Fun, Sports, Occasions & Special
  • More than 400+ categories collected by the Ninja Team
  • Manage Favorites
  • Add, change, delete, csv export feature with image preview
  • Top Brand List


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Dropship Rabbit
  • Trending and Winning products every day
  • Last week’s Best Seller Top 50
  • Title, Images and description
  • Sellected manufacturer and best suppliers
  • Animated gifs in description
  • Ready Ad Text
  • Ready Viral Video Ad
  • Targeted audience
  • Facebook Ads Beginner’s Guide
  • Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 Editions
  • Affiliate Program


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Looking at the volume of searches for a keyword can give you an idea of how competitive the market is, while the SEO difficulty level can shed light on the page rank achieved. Here are a few of the best ecommerce research tools available today.

Recommended Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers
Recommended Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers

What is a Niche?

Before we talk more about niche research, let’s talk about what a niche is. A niche is a part of a market that is aimed at a certain group of people.

What is a Niche?
What is a Niche?

Drinking straws are an example of a broad market segment that can be subdivided into various more specific ones, such as straws decorated with cartoon characters or edible straws. As a niche product, the edible drinking straw industry would have fewer competitors than the more ubiquitous plastic drinking straw market. This narrows down the potential buyers to a select group, such as eco-conscious individuals.

Customers and vendors tend to be scarcer in smaller niches than in bigger ones (and are targeted by local lead gen techniques). On the other side, there is less rivalry in a narrower market, which could lead to a higher demand for your goods.

What is a Niche Research Tool?

In a nutshell, any tool that helps you learn more about your niche is a niche tool. This could mean learning more about your customers, like what keywords they use to look for things. You can also improve your SEO with tools. These can help you come up with content ideas, find places to put backlinks, and keep an eye on traffic.

What is a Niche Research Tool?
What is a Niche Research Tool?

Some of these SEO tools can even help you understand your main competitors’ efforts better, like their SEO performance, what keywords they’re investing in, or their performance in paid and organic search. An important bit to note is that this space can feel crowded and confusing. There are dozens of niche research tools, often overlapping each other quite a bit. My advice is that the “best” tool for you is the one that accomplishes your goals within budget.

Get the tool which accomplishes your goals within budget
Get the tool which accomplishes your goals within budget

Instead of spending a lot of time searching through all of the competitor ecommerce niche research tools, for example, you should focus more on finding a tool that fits your needs. Give them a try—most of them have free niche research tools – and if it helps and doesn’t break the bank, that’s great.

You could use the time you spend trying to figure out the thousands of differences between all of these tools to improve their fit in your niche.

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