PiPiADS Review – Best TikTok ADS Spy Tool

PiPiADS Review – Best TikTok ADS Spy Tool For eCommerce Marketers

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Pipiads is simply the perfect TikTok adspy tool for product research the best investment you can make for your e-commerce business to access the latest tiktok products and tiktok ad creatives of the moment

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PiPiADS Review – Best TikTok ADS Spy Tool

Are you looking for a TikTok ad spy tool? Want to be ahead of your dropshipping competitors with an out-of-the-box approach?

PiPiADS can help you improve ads campaigns and work with the correct Ads management. This comprehensive PiPiADS review covers this top TikTok ads spy tool.

What is PiPiADS?

PiPiADS is currently the World’s number one best TikTok advertising Platform. With PiPiADS, you can run creative ads, check them and also spy on your competitor’s ads and strategies.

Find high-traffic niche products to advertise. Ad impressions, target audience, and acceptable dates can help you run the advertising. You can identify your target advertising with this TikTok adspy tool. To sell online or raise brand recognition.

PiPiADS Homepage
PiPiADS Homepage

PiPiADS covers you even if you know nothing about TikTok adspy. PiPiADS can be used for dropshipping, notably with Shopify, as well as TikTok adspy tool. It promotes winning items, filters searches, and runs business adverts.

Why use TikTok for Dropshipping?

TikTok is currently a major social media site. With its growing user base, TikTok offers great marketing and dropshipping prospects. TikTok helps dropshippers access a large audience.

PiPiADS can help you target your dropshipping and marketing efforts. With over 1 billion active users, is a cost-effective social media network for dropshipping. You can use this platform for marketing, unlike other dropshippers and advertisers who use Facebook and Google Ads.

How can PiPiADS be helpful for dropshippers?

PiPiADS may help you in many ways, so let’s explain some of its main actions.

  • Hot products for dropshipping: PiPiADS integrates with Etsy and Shopify. It help dropshippers find new hot products on TikTok. Excellent!!
  • Study your competitor drop shippers: It will discuss tools, more product features later in the article. But it’s obvious that if you have access to your competitors’ data (ad impressions, country, landing pages, etc.). You can understand what they’re doing and outperform them.

The Pros & Cons of PiPiADS

Like every other product, PiPiADS has its good sides and shortcomings as well. This is what we’ll be exploring in the pros and cons section of this PiPiADS review now.

Pros of using PiPiADS

  • Ad Library: PiPiADS has one of the largest databases of TikTok ads. Because of this, you’re able to find the best spy TikTok ads in existence. It also makes it easy to spy on your competitors’ TikTok video ads.
  • Filters: PiPiADS offers a wide range of filters and sorting capabilities. This makes it incredibly easy to research as you can find exactly what you want.
  • Winning Products: PiPiADS uses its database to find the top dropshipping products. This will speed up product research.

Cons of using PiPiADS

  • Cost: PiPiADS pricing is definitely on the more expensive side. The most popular plan I recommend is PiPiADS VIP which will cost you $155 per month.
  • UI/UX: Their website has many errors and can sometimes be hard on the eyes.

Best Features of PiPiADS

Getting the best from a tool. It is ability to meet customers’ needs is an important factor to consider when purchasing a tool. Here are some of the PiPiADS Features that make it the best TikTok ads spy tool.

TikTok Ad Search

This is the primary function of PiPiADS. It’s a TikTok advertising search engine. If you are looking for something specific, such as a profitable niche, you can search for keywords. And adjust the filters to fit your requirements. Looking for the best TikTok advertisements? Sort by Ad Impressions to see only the best ads.

TikTok Ad Search
TikTok Ad Search

If you are looking for ad strategies, I recommend sorting by e-commerce platform, and selecting Shopify. You can also browse their inspiring ads collection without using any filters.

Where can I find some inventive video advertisements? Add it to your collection of ad filters for later viewing. As an e-commerce owner, I appreciate the Ad Search feature. I use it to discover which of my competitors’ ads have recently begun testing, as well as which trending products are being scaled.

Although ad copy isn’t that important for TikTok, I can see what kind of ad copy my competitors are using and test it for myself. If I’m currently scaling my own product, I can search for it to see competitors’ ads.

This is one of my favorite features from this PiPiADS Review.

Product Search

This feature is very like their Ad Search, but it provides only dropshipping products like some other e-commerce tools do. Like the previous feature, you can search by keyword and add filters to match your needs. This is easy to use and great for finding products to test.

Product Search
Product Search

When filtering, you must choose the same country/region that you’re advertising in. The United States is by far the best place to advertise, as Americans love to spend money on things they don’t need. If you don’t live in the US, I recommend getting a VPN to make sure you can advertise in the US.

Just scroll through to find one that looks promising. In just a few clicks, you can see which TikTok ad is being used for it.

Each product includes details such as:

  • Price of the product
  • First & last seen dates.
  • No. of total ads for the product
  • Total impressions
  • Total likes
  • And the like rate.
Product Search Details
Product Search Details

Clicking on the ad shows me the details I’m looking for. This would include:

  • Title
  • Product description
  • Total impressions
  • No. of Comments/likes and shares.
  • Link to the store
  • Link to the exact product
  • All the different ads for the product
  • Images used for the ads.

Obviously, PiPiADS does let me manually search for specific products. The search panel offers the following filters:

  • Country
  • Category (you can select from beauty/ security/fashion/watches/bags and dozen others).
  • Range filters for no. of ad impressions/likes/ and like rate.
  • First/last seen date.
  • No. of ads for each product
  • And finally price.

When used right, these can help you find best-selling products within minutes if not seconds.

Winning Products

This is where things start to get a bit weird… This feature is almost the same thing as Product Search, but with no filters. You can still sort though… so that’s good.

I guess the main difference here is that these are ALL winning products provided manually. Regardless, it’s still a great feature and I find it useful.

Find Winning Products
Find Winning Products

If you’re looking for the hottest new products, sort by Release Date. If you’re looking for the most popular products, sort by Ad Impression.

These can be useful for inspiration, but I wouldn’t recommend selling them because they are among the most popular TikTok ads in the world in terms of views… That means those products are already oversaturated.

Here are a few tips to use while finding winning products on PiPiADS.

  • When deciding which products to advertise on, you should avoid products that are sold. Also known as oversaturated products in the market.
  • Instead, we recommend you go for those undersaturated products with a high sales record.
  • Last but not least, we recommend you go for the PiPiADS Free Trial before you go to the paid plans. This can help you to know the platform better and see how efficient the platform is.

Advertiser Search

This feature is great if you’ve already found a successful Shopify store and want to see what ads they’re running. Just copy and paste the domain to see their TikTok ads data.

Advertiser Search
Advertiser Search

Sorting here is pointless because it only returns companies with massive brand exposure, such as Apple, Amazon, Google…

Here are the search filters you get:

  • Product categories (e-com/games/apps)
  • Country
  • E-commerce platform
  • No. of ads by the advertiser
  • Range filters for ad impressions/popularity/ days ads are run/ total likes etc.
  • You can also sort the advertisers by popularity/ days/ ad impressions etc.

Etsy Product

If you’re a seller on Etsy, this is a magic wand for you. You enter a keyword, generally something related to your products. It gives you more data than you’ll ever need.

Etsy Product Search Panel
Etsy Product Search Panel

You can find products using:

  • Etsy-specific categories: PiPiADS knows what categories are available on Etsy. You can search for products in most of Etsy categories.
  • Estimated total sales: If you’d like to only find products which have made X amount in sales.
  • Total views: This helps finding products which get clicks and are viewed. Helps craft similar description/product images.
  • Total reviews: Helps find products which receive reviews (both good & bad).
  • Sales growth: This is a comparative filter. You can find products which have “grown”. Helps finding products which are trending.
  • View growth: Again, helps find products which have X no. of increase in views.
  • Price: This obviously lets you filter products using a min-max price range.
  • Bestseller & Etsy pick filters too are available.

Again, the filters are detailed enough to allow you to find and analyze the products you seek.

Etsy Product Details
Etsy Product Details

When you do find a product, PiPiADS shows the following data:

  • Price of the product
  • Estimated sales: As well as the growth in the no. of sales
  • Views, collections and reviews.
  • Link to the store
  • A button for product details.

If you click on the product details button, very detailed product insights are displayed. This is what each product detail page for Etsyshows:

  • Product link that redirects directly to the Etsy page.
  • Exact product category
  • Date product was added
  • Name of the store
  • Total sales (estimated)
  • Monthly sales (estimated)
  • Total views/reviews and collections
  • A full list of all the product tags.
  • Data trend: 7/15 & 30 days graph for collection/reviews/ views.
Product Analysis
Product Analysis

Bottomline? Everything you may wish to know about an Etsy product is made available.

PPSPY Extension

This is separate from their main PiPiADS. PPSPY is newer, with only 10 reviews on the Chrome Extension store. Where PiPiADS focuses solely on TikTok, PPSPY focuses on Shopify online store spying.

PPSPY Extension
PPSPY Extension

If you find an online store with a high volume of e-commerce sales. You can check to see if they are using TikTok advertising and what ad strategies they are employing. You can also see what their best-selling products. And which products they have recently added.

The strategy I like to use is to build up a huge list of successful dropshipping stores and spy on them daily. I will then test out whichever products they’re testing, as they are most likely winning products.

PiPiADS Pricing

PiPiADS offers users the choice of 3 different paid packages, you can refer here. The Starter Plan is $77 per month, followed by the VIP Plan, which costs $155 per month, the Pro Plan, priced at $263 per month.

PiPiADS Pricing
PiPiADS Pricing

The cool thing is that PiPiADS provides a free trial to all new users. The tool is free to use for the first three days. To know more about their packages and pricing information, visit their official website.

PiPiADS Starter

Price: $77 per month (Annual: $54 per month)

  • Share with 1 person
  • View Ads Daily: 200
  • Show ads: 50
  • Advertisers daily: 50
  • Product Collection: 50
  • Advertiser Collection: 50
  • All ad filters are available
  • Sales Consultant
  • Unlimited winning products


Price: $155 per month (Annual: $128 per month)

  • Share with 1 person
  • View Ads Daily: 1000
  • Show ads: 200
  • Advertisers daily: 200
  • Product Collection: 200
  • Advertiser Collection: 1000
  • All ad filters are available
  • Sales Consultant
  • Unlimited winning products


Price: $263 per month (Annual: $181 per month)

  • Share with up to 5 people
  • View Ads Daily: 1000
  • Show ads: 3000
  • Advertisers daily 1000
  • Product Collection: 3000
  • Advertiser Collection: 3000
  • All ad filters are available
  • Sales Consultant
  • Unlimited winning products

Enterprise Plan

PiPiADS also has an Enterprise Plan available for large eCommerce business owners. PiPiADS group buyers who want to customize the number of users and usage for their company. If you want to sign up for this plan, please contact the support team for a personalized quote.

Conclusion about PiPiADS Review – Best TikTok Ads Spy Tool?

So, is PiPiADS the best TikTok spy tool and Etsy spy tool? Sure, other tools may exist offering more features/details. But, if we compare the price and the data we’re getting, I’d say it’s more than enough for most projects, wouldn’t you agree?

The information you get on this PiPiADS review can’t be complete. This is why I’d urge you to go try it out. Start with the forever free plan and that should help you get a much clearer picture.

PiPiADS Alternatives and Competitors

  • Minea

    Minea is the most advanced product and ad search tool on the market. With ads tracked across all networks, you are sure not to miss any product or ad that might interest you.

  • BigSpy

    BigSpy is a web-based advertisement spy tool designed to help businesses and individuals draw creative inspirations for marketing campaigns. The platform comprises a database of a variety of ads, allowing teams to search ads using various filters.

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